Seed Faith Christian School of Ministry & Theological Seminary

The Vision :

Seed Faith Christian School of Ministry is a non-profit, evangelical, inter-denominational ministry specializing in ministerial training. The primary purpose of the school of ministry is to provide education and training to ministers, bible teachers, and christian workers. This task is achieved with a positive commitment to the bible, believing that it is God's infallible word. As such, it is trustworthy, authoritative, and sufficient.

Our graduates will be prepared to go out into all the world as commanded by Christ in Mark 16:15, as evangelists, teacher, missionaries, musicians, and chaplains.  Our vision for the future, is unique in that we believe that the Seed Faith School of Ministry is a school to prepare Christians for God's great end time harvest.  There is a fresh wind of God's Spirit blowing on our world and it requires innovative ministries with innovative delivery systems to bring the gospel to the nations.  Yet, we must never forget our focus- teach all nations and make disciples.

Bishop Orlando Adwaters - Dean                                             Dr. Ann Adwaters - Chancellor