Vision for Seed of Purpose Unmarried Ministry

Our Vision is to live holy lives and be an example for other unmarried saints. We
are committed to finding our wholeness in Christ through fasting and praying for
all unmarried saints that are struggling with loneliness, depression, and fear.

Our desire is to help other unmarried saints break free of the hurts and stigmas
associated with being unmarried. To carry God's message of love across this
nation through Godly living, counseling, evangelizing, monthly chat sessions, and
by being steadfast and committed. Our desire is to not compromise God's word,
but to teach and preach it as it is written.

In our vision we have a heart for all unmarried souls. We believe that in these end
times we can use our singleness to help them find their place and purpose in
Christ Jesus; and help them to realize that because you are unmarried you no
longer have to compromise your integrity. We can find our seed of purpose in
Christ Jesus.

Oath of Seed of Purpose Unmarried Ministry